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    Fantastic novel that touches the heart of the reader I was given an advanced copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review This novel is absolutely heart wrenching I was generally aware of what s going on in Syria However, this story put everything in a different perspective for me The story focuses on a young teenager, Zaid Kadir, who is separated from his family in Aleppo after it is over run by the rebels Along with his two best friends, Salman and Fatima, he has to survive the horrors of a war that no child should ever have to face The author does a great job of humanizing Zaid He s a normal 13 year old boy no different than any American or European kid He has dreams for the future He is experiencing his first true crush maybe even love He wants to be accepted by his peers By the author doing that, I felt like I could relate to Zaid at an entirely different level, and I felt like I was in his place At times, it felt like I could literally feel the bombs dropping and the shooting as Zaid and his friends have to fight to survive time and time again Like I ve heard the author say, this book isn t about the politics Instead, it shows the bravery of humanity as we see the people of Aleppo rescuing one another time and time again We also see humanity at its worst in the form of the rebels, soldiers, and some of Aleppo s citizens who have become lost to the chaos of war I truly believe this is a book everyone should read Not only does it give a better understanding of The Syrian Civil War, but it also helps us understand the plight of the people in war torn regions in a way that we might not otherwise get Thank you to the author for giving me a copy of this book in advance of its publication

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    I am very excited for this book s release It s definitely the most meaningful work I have written thus far as it displays the terrors many people in Syria continue to face I truly hope readers connect with this work

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    We have seen the heartrending images of babies crying on missile shelled, bullet riddled streets, heard the furor of debate over desperate people seeking shelter from a war torn country, but rare is the first person account from a youthful perspective that gives us a window to feel it all up close This coming of age story realistic fiction starts with a 13 year old Syrian boy running for his life through a battle zone to no safety at all.The narrative then slams backward, to a place any young person will recognize the classroom and a tedious lesson The teacher is driving home the message of what Assad s presidency has meant to the people of Syria Zaid s classmate Ahmed is one who, echoing his father, presumes Assad is a great man who helped the economy Readers who have not grown up in dictatorships may find it strange that school lessons include whimsical leader stories given on a daily basis Such propaganda is a reality that children in free societies are spared.Zaid s life seems normal in the sense that families get up, go to work or school, and come home to eat and sleep, but his 13 year old neighbor and classmate, Fatima, notices that nine students are absent The Heart of Aleppo is a courageous and versatile account of young Zaid, who discovers the heart of his home city even as it is destroyed His life moves from some semblance of normality living over his rug merchant father s shop to learning how to survive with young Fatima and her brother Salman as adults die around them Zaid comes to question every notion or tradition that structured his life before chaos Prefabricated ideas of who and what represent safety fall away as government soldiers and rebels fire through civilians to dominate each other There is no safety.Ammar Habib is a prolific young author who skillfully makes a 7,000 year old city under onslaught come to life Readers will feel they are running in the rubble and understand what it must mean when there is no way to stay out of a fight not when it has engulfed an entire country I strongly recommend this book not only to young readers but school librarians.

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    This is way out of my comfort zone I never read books about war or follow news about it I ve mostly heard about the Syrian Civil War in terms of territories being seized or recovered as if they were pieces on a game board Zaid, the 13 year old hero of this story, was similarly protected by his parents from unpleasant and worrying news, so it is all the shocking for him when he is present at the initial assault on his home town of Aleppo Within an astonishingly short time, this bright, bustling, modern city is reduced to a silent, smoking ruin Zaid and his friends are separated from their families and struggle to return home to them It becomes clear that neither side in the conflict is even considering the civilians caught in the crossfire They must rely on themselves Zaid, the dreamer, finds reserves of strength and courage within himself gentle Fatima calmly treats knife and gunshot wounds and her older brother Salman shoulders unaccustomed responsibility I was impressed with the messages of hope and heroism, and with the restrained treatment of religious faith.I would like to see this book read in schools It s entirely appropriate for that It has the excitement of a post apocalyptic adventure with the sobering knowledge that this destruction actually happened in our lifetime It powerfully evokes the chaos of war And also it gives a picture through flashbacks of a strong culture and community that our hearts can recognize.

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    Thirteen year old Zaid and his friends, siblings Fatima and Salman, leave innocence behind when their parents send them away at rumors of rebel attacks The teenagers discover that nowhere is safe, as they are besieged repeatedly by rebels, and learn that the military cannot be trusted they are alone Strangers sacrifice their lives strangers betray them strangers ask for help evoking survival instincts and humanity s courage in the darkest hours They are children, separated from their parents, who must fear multiple, murderous factions and their own government, kids who days ago were living normal teenage lives, as any teenager in any country.Habib s portrayal of Syrian teens on the run from death, as well as their daily lives before the war, was supplemented by his friendships with native Syrians and interviews with Syrian refugees for accuracy His hope is to bring awareness to the world of a civil war that has killed hundreds of thousands of civilians who desire only the freedom he enjoys.

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    I was given this ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review Wow That is all I can say This story absolutely touched my heart As the premise suggests, this novel follows a young boy, Zaid Kadir, as he is separated from his family in the midst of the Battle of Aleppo Along with 2 of his friends, he is forced to survive the chaos of war The book is a balancing act in how it shows the brutality and chaos of war, and helplessness of those caught in the crossfire The book s theme seems to be the spirit of humanity and that courage is often found in the darkest times I really appreciated those messages and the way that Habib showed them I cannot say much without spoiling the story, but I will say that the ending, along with other parts of the novel, had me in tears What I enjoyed about this novel is that it is not about the politics of war, and it chooses to instead focus on the humanity of war s effects Habib does a good job of showing how Zaid does not fully grasp the politics of the war, as most children would not The destruction has a very hollow and abandoned tone, and the characters are very relatable even to those who are not familiar with Syria s culture It s clear that the author s religious background does help him flesh out the characters I can honestly say that having read this work has given me a better glimpse into the lives of Syria s war refugees Thank you to the author for allowing me to read this terrific novel

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    The heart of Aleppo is not the city s centre, it s the people loving and living it I m lucky to say that I don t know what it feels like when, after a normal, carefree childhood, your whole world falls apart But I think Ammar Habib does a great job describing just that.Very shocking and touching And, sadly, realistic story Not one I will easily forgetI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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    Heart wrenching, powerful story that portrays heroism and hope under the worst circumstancesThis is a beautifully written and emotionally charged book that gives its readers a glimpse of the terrible ordeals people in war torn countries go through This is not a political tale nor does it take sides in any way It simply tells the story of an average young man and how his life gets turned upside down when his country and it s government decide war is the only solution to their problems This story is told in first person from the perspective of Zaid, a 13 year old boy that is no different than any 13 year old boy you may know He has plans for a future, he has a crush, he has homework But everything changes around him when his city becomes a war zone that he and all of the other civilians are stuck inside of Ammar Habib s writing and descriptions are so clear and well written I could feel the destruction around me and hear the battle as it raged His characters are so real, my heart hurt for Zaid when he was down and soared for him when he was proving how good people could be This book truly opened my eyes to things happening in other parts of the world that I d had no idea about.

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    This is a very powerful story of a 13 year old who is growing up in Aleppo during war time and is trying to escape the devastation that is fast approaching his home area Zaid and his two close friends set out to run towards a safer area and we are taken with them on this journey.Habib does an outstanding job of describing what the streets of Aleppo are like during war time The reader can feel the full effects of the war and the raw emotions of the characters in the book It is a very powerful read, riveting, and emotional I d like to thank the author for providing me an ARC of the book I thoroughly enjoyed it

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    A beautiful novel that will stay with me for a long time Habib managed to write Zaid as a character many people will be able to relate to A teenage boy with hopes and dreams of the future, who s innocence is quickly destroyed when the first bombs start to fall The conflicting emotions Zaid experiences about his brother, his family, the military and life in general are put into words beautifully Thanks to Habib s writing I was able to really picture Aleppo and the destruction that took place I would definitely recommend this novel to other people to gain insight of what is going on in Syria and to see things from a different perspective Rather than all the news coverage we ve all seen before, this novel allows us to understand the humanitarian aspect.

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The Heart of Aleppo Winner Of The Independent Press Award Bestseller In Coming Of Age Fiction Bestseller In Asian American LiteratureFrom The Ashes Of The Syrian Civil War Comes This Story Of Hope, Love, And Courage After Standing For Over , Years, Aleppo S Ruin Came Overnight Separated From His Family During The Night The Rebels Attacked The City, Year Old Zaid Kadir Is Lost In The Middle Of A War Zone Alongside His Friends, He Is Forced To Survive The Dangers Of A Civil War He Does Not Even Fully Understand Zaid Witnesses The Destruction Of The Brutal Syrian Civil War As It Grows Deadly By The Day And Rips His City Apart However, As He Braves This Destruction, As He Desperately Tries To Survive This Catastrophe, He Discovers Something Zaid Realizes That It Is In The Darkest Hours When Humanity S Spirit Of Hope Burns Brightest What Readers Are Saying The Heart Of Aleppo Does For Syria What The Kite Runner Did For Afghanistan Heart Wrenching, Powerful Story That Portrays Heroism And Hope Under The Worst Circumstances As A Fan Of The Book Thief, I Really Enjoyed This Read Moving Tale Of How War Effects Children I Have Seen The War Reported On The News, But This Book Really Brings It Home How It Has Affected Families On A Day To Day Basis

  • Kindle Edition
  • 252 pages
  • The Heart of Aleppo
  • Ammar Habib
  • English
  • 04 June 2018

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