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Queen of the Conquered An Ambitious Young Woman With The Power To Control Minds Seeks Vengeance Against The Royals Who Murdered Her Family, In A Caribbean Inspired Fantasy World Embattled By Colonial Oppression Sigourney Rose Is The Only Surviving Daughter Of A Noble Lineage On The Islands Of Hans Lollik When She Was A Child, Her Family Was Murdered By The Islands Colonizers, Who Have Massacred And Enslaved Generations Of Her People And Now, Sigourney Is Ready To Exact Her RevengeWhen The Childless King Of The Islands Declares That He Will Choose His Successor From Amongst Eligible Noble Families, Sigourney Uses Her Ability To Read And Control Minds To Manipulate Her Way Onto The Royal Island And Into The Ranks Of The Ruling Colonizers But When She Arrives, Prepared To Fight For Control Of All The Islands, Sigourney Finds Herself The Target Of A Dangerous, Unknown Magic Someone Is Killing Off The Ruling Families To Clear A Path To The Throne As The Bodies Pile Up And All Eyes Regard Her With Suspicion, Sigourney Must Find Allies Among Her Prey And The Murderer Among Her Peers Lest She Become The Next Victim Queen Of The Conquered Reckons With The Many Layers Of Power And Privilege In A Lush Fantasy World Perfect For Readers Of V E Schwab, Kiersten White, And Marlon James

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    I feel like this particular snake is making an appearance on all my highly anticipated SFF novels of 2019, and I m not mad about it.

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    At this point, I m just gonna add every book with this snake on the cover It s the exact same snake and all the books sound oh so good

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    Focus on yourself and your ambitions and soon you ll find that you care not what a single person thinks Personal rating 3.75

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    Not only is this a gorgeous but this book is about the colonisation of the Caribbean I am here for any book where colonisers are the villains

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    ARC received Can t wait to get started on this one

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    Cinematic as h ck.I read an early unedited manuscript that I obtained as an employee of Hachette Book Group Full review closer to pub date.

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    Big thanks to Paola Crespo at Orbit Books for sending me a free ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.Earlier this year I said wasn t going to read any slavery books because I am tired of the sufferation Lies, all lies I will read slavery books if they are written like this The colonisers are the villains and I m not being asked to feel sorry for them or try and understand them Yes please.This was such a compelling story, one where I was absorbed right from the beginning which I would describe as a good, slow burn This was like historical fiction meets fantasy meets murder mystery When the murder mystery kicked in, I found it damn near impossible to put it down The backstory, the reveal,the author had me right to the end They laid out the plot perfectly I m still marveling at the ending, like damn, it was right there What I LikedJust have to say I am happy there was no sappy love story Amen That s another thing I dislike in slavery books, the unrealistic, sappy love stories No.The world that Kacen created was so familiar and foreign at the same time Being from the Caribbean, they could have easily been writing about my island From the names of the different islands, I was getting Dutch Caribbean vibes which was different I usually read about former English Colonies They took colonial island life and added magic One thing I was hesitant about when I heard about this book was that it falls under Adult Fantasy, not a genre I usually pickup because I really don t do well with blood and gore I thought to myself, how can that be avoided if the setting is the slavery era Caribbean Well, it can t but I appreciated that the author didn t hide away from the violence and the atrocities of slavery, it was a realistic depiction but I never once felt uncomfortable or like gagging Sigourney, bwoy I truly don t know how to feel about her She can t be classified as good or bad She exists in this gray area as a heroine I disagree with her actions but I understand them She is for lack of a better word, a victim of her circumstances Her guilt and self loathing coupled with her ambition and her being convinced that she is doing the right thing in the long run, for the greater good, all of this combined makes her a rather complex and dynamic character I m really looking forward to seeing her growth Also, I thought her power kraft was great medium through which to observe and learn about the other characters Being able to really know their thoughts, their racism, their own abuse added to their story and in a sense meant that none of the characters in the book existed at a surface level While I really enjoyed this book, I did have one critique There were parts and passages that felt slightly redundant The mention of Sigourney s skin and hair and the way she was treated as a result was mentioned a lot, like, a lot a lot I m not sure if the author realised that they were being repetitive of if they just really wanted to drive the point home.What a great start to a series, I m excited for the next one and this one isn t even out yet I saw on Twitter that Kacen was contemplating who they were going to kill off in the next one Beg you Kacen, do, tek time wid mi nerves.

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    Wow Where to begin On the off chance you ve read Gideon the Ninth, you ll find this very similar, in that you get a group of nobles gathered in an isolated location who fight to the death to see who will inherit the crown Just replace necromancers with psychics Otherwise, picture Game of Thrones, but everyone s trapped on the Iron Islands and has limited armies.Technically this book is fantasy, as it takes place in an imaginary country, and has magic But really, this book very much reads like historical fiction The imaginary country is based on the Caribbean, the imaginary conquerors are insert any colonial Europeans but pictured as Norse in this book and the magic is like being psychic than being a witch This book is very much for historical fiction readers as much as fantasy readers.The quality of the writing is excellent, the moral greys are deeply examined without getting philosophical, and the setting is breathtaking and unique.

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    oh HELLLLLLLL yas to that cover

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    DNF the plot drags, the characters are bland and boring, and the world building is so intense i feel like it s all we focus on.

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